methodStripping away the fluff, the book has 47 chapters of content – which I’ll translate into as many blog posts as needed.

If there’s no UK-specific translation required, then I’ll just not post about it.

Just want the big picture? Skip to the summary.

Of course, I’m assuming that either you’re as dumb or as clever as me – feel as insulted or complimented as you deem appropriate.  In other words, if I don’t understand something, I’ll dig deeper until I do.  If I think it’s obvious I’ll not dig at all.

Take heart! I’m not (generally) that dumb, but also, I am not at all knowledgable about making investments.  If I don’t understand stuff, it’s probably worth me posting about it. If something’s obvious to me, then you’ll probably think so too.

If a chapter title is greyed out, it’s because I think the chapter is self-explanatory.

Section 1: Welcome to the jungle

Section 2: Become the insider

Section 3: Make the game winnable

  • Chapter 3.1: What’s the price of your dreams?
  • Chapter 3.2: What’s your plan?
  • Chapter 3.3: Save more
  • Chapter 3.4: Earn more
  • Chapter 3.5: Reduce fees and taxes
  • Chapter 3.6: Get better returns
  • Chapter 3.7: Change your lifestyle

Section 4: The most important decision of your life

Section 5: Upside without the downside

Section 6: Invest like the 0.001%

  • Chapter 6.0: Meet the masters
  • Chapter 6.1: Carl Icahn
  • Chapter 6.2: David Swensen
  • Chapter 6.3: John C. Bogle
  • Chapter 6.4: Warren Buffett
  • Chapter 6.5: Paul Tudor Jones
  • Chapter 6.6: Ray Dalio
  • Chapter 6.7: Mary Callahan Erodes
  • Chapter 6.8: T. Booke Pickens
  • Chapter 6.9: Kyle Bass
  • Chapter 6.10: Marc Faber
  • Chapter 6.11: Charles Schwab
  • Chapter 6.12: Sir John Templeton

Section 7: Just do it