2.4 I’m your broker

pensionsChapter Overview
All pension plans are not created equal

America’s Best 401k: The promise of this service is that it will analyse all the fees that you are paying for your current pension plans and suggest a healthier alternative.  Alas, (as you guessed), it works for US plans only.

I tried entering my pension plan provider but it didn’t recognise it at all – no surprise really, since they’re not providing me with a 401k.

No amount of Googling led me to a UK alternative, but there again, I already know I’ve paid / am paying too much in fees for my pension plan (Chapter  2.2).  So, really what more do I need to know?

Money.co.uk has a list of pensions and some general advice – but nothing really actionable.

Moneysavingsexpert.com has some good clear pension advice.

But still nothing to compare to the America’s Best 401k service.

Looks like I’ll be needing that IFA advice again – although I now have a better idea of what I’d like the underlying investment to look like when it gets wrapped up into a pension scheme.