What’s all this about?

MoneyHi, I’m Martin – almost 60 – pretty healthy – self employed – nothing much put away for my old age.

My dad is over 90 and still going strong!

If genetics and economics keep doing their respective things, it looks like I might need some kind of a pension plan ..

So, I happened to be listening to the Tim Ferriss show which lead me to read Tony Robbins book – Money: Master the Game.

It was, quite literally, a game changer for me.

If you’ve shied away from investing for whatever reason, this is a must-read book. Go and get it and, if you live in the UK, come back here when you’re done, 600 pages later and a bit perplexed.

If you’re impatient, skip to the summary.

Tony does a good job of addressing an international audience, but, if you don’t know much about investing and you don’t know what the UK equivalents are to some of the US terminology he uses, maybe your investment plans might not turn out as good as they could be?

So, I’ve started this site for my own benefit – as a discipline to re-read and interpret Tony’s action points in a UK-specific way. Maybe it’ll help you too?

Now, be warned, I’m doing this because I don’t know what I’m doing.

There’s every chance that I’ll misunderstand, misinterpret and generally mangle things. However, right now, all I’ve got is Tony’s book and a vague game-plan.  I want a specific one.

I’ve relied heavily on the excellent Monevator blog for my education, research, enlightenment and entertainment.  If I’ve not adequately covered something here, head over there and search – it’s what I’d do.

So, this is me working stuff out in public. Feel free to chime in or offer an opinion or two. Maybe we can help each other?

It’s like this:

  • I think Tony’s book is a game-changer
  • Normal people (in the US) will use it to make better investment choices
  • I want to make it easy for me (and you) in the UK too

I should probably add some kind of a disclaimer, and some blah-blah-blah that you wouldn’t read. If I notice Google analytics going bananas, maybe I will – but you understand that none of this is my professional advice.